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PT Trans Continent, a Freight Forwarding & Logistics Services Starts to Operate the Business in Aceh

Currently, the construction process has been completed for 75 per cent. In addition, several heavy types of equipment have been transported.

Penulis: Syamsul Azman | Editor: Zaenal

SERAMBINEWS.COM – PT Trans Continent, a Freight Forwarding and Logistics Services, establishes by a visionary and energetic Acehnes begins its operation in Aceh.

A company is constructing an operation basecamp on eight hectares ground in Gampong Beurandeh, Kecamatan Mesjid Raya, Aceh Besar.

Currently, the construction process has been completed for 75 percent.

In addition, several heavy types of equipment have been transported to the location to support the operation.

The CEO of PT. Trans Continent, Ismail Rasyid, explained that the basecamp construction is nearly completed, and it will be a hub for integrated logistic supply chance.

The company is also initiated to provide a corner to Aceh UMKM (Small and Medium Enterprises) to display their product to facilitate them to boost the market both national and international level.

Ismail Rasyid explained his idea during the exclusive interview with Teuku Murdani, a PhD candidate in International Development, Art and Design Faculty University of Canberra, Australia, at PT Trans Continent office in Banda Aceh on Thursday evening (30/ 7/2021).

T Murdani, born in Nisam Antara, Aceh Utara, describes that the purpose of the interview in English is to convey the message to the world, especially international businessmen, that today Aceh is safe and conducive to any investment activity.

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Following is a complete interview with Ismail Rasyid about the progress, activities, and the planning of PT Trans Continent at their basecamp in Malahayati, Aceh Besar.

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Editor : Syamsul Azman

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